Can I put kingston KVR with Kingston Hyperx together ?

i have Kingston memory(KVR 4 gb 1333) , and I want to buy a new memory (Kingston Hyperx blu) , can I put them together in my computer ? Is that a problem ?
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  1. As long as they are the same timings (ex 9-9-9-24) and the same speed (1333 Mhz) it is possible, not recommended but you can do it. Just remember that one RAM may not have the potential overclocking capabilities another one has, or the data fault tolerance another one has, or the same voltage tolerance. Make sure both RAM sticks operate at 1.5 Volts as well.
  2. Not recommended ? , Why ? , I will have a problems ? Is this a good idea to put them together ?
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    It is always recommended to use a fully matched set for system RAM. It is not even suggested to use the exact same model RAM purchased at separate times due to it being very sensitive.

    Although DDR3 is better than previous versions, it is still suggested to get a matched RAM "Kit" with the speeds and capacity that you are looking for.
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