Asus P8p67 pro rev 3.1 - Problems after installing a hard drive


I've been running my computer on a 120 gb ssd. But I kept on having to uninstall games due to lack of space. So recently I bought a WD black sata3 1tb hard drive a week ago and it got delivered today. First thing I did was install it. Everything seemed fine at first. It initialised fine and formatted fine.

I went to restart my computer and then after the initial boot screen, the American Megatrends splash screen showed up. It has never done that before and it just hangs there with "Press F1 to enter setup" at the bottom.

Pressing that goes into the bios from there I can select my SSD to boot.

Is there any way around this. I have my SSD plugged into 1 of the Intel 6Gb/s ports, my optical drive in the Intel 3 Gb/s ports. No matter what port I put the HDD in, the American Megatrends screen will always show.

I have the Marvell controller disabled. When enabling it and plugging the HDD in there. 2 Asus splash screens show and it hangs on the second. It also has a "press del to enter efi bios setup" upon pressing del it does not go into the bios. It forever hangs on that screen.

Im out of ideas.
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  1. Goto bios and set the boot order of your drives correctly.
  2. Already set the boot order, the SSD is in the first slot.
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