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Hi guys !

Yesterday i was working normally on my computer when it suddenly turned off. Tried to turn on but fans spined just for 2-3 sec and than shutdown.Opened the case and cleaned it again and removed all of the fans for a nice cleaning. Finished and tried to turn on but the same thing this time up to 15 sec than shutdowns.Each time i turn it on it stays even less seconds ! I let it for a few hours turni it on and it stays 20 sec than shutdowns. And repeats the same thing again :S Each time less uppin time.

Checked the psu w/ another comp and it worked well.Cant find any info about that mobo but is a HP computer bought 8 years ago so hard to find in the internet.

So what ca i do ? Thank You
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  1. If it is not the PSU, then it pretty much has to be a bad motherboard component such as a capacitor or voltage regulator. Time for a new motherboard.

    If you list the model number of the PC I may be able to help locate a replacement mobo.
  2. Ok thank you i dont wanna waste money on that so ill just get a new pc :)
  3. Even better. If you decide to build you own, you can use the form over in the new build section to ask for help.

    Good luck.
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