Successful Build, But Spinpoint F3 Not Recognised?

Hello everyone,

Just got home from assisting a friend build his PC. Everything was successful and he's up and running. Windows 7 was installed on an SSD ( with a 1TB Spinpoint F3 as storage. The F3 get's power and is recognised perfectly in Device Manager, however does not show as a storage drive inside My Computer.

It has puzzled me a little bit, I am wondering if the drive requires formatting before it will get recognised.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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    All you need to do is to go into Windows, right click on the "My computer" icon on the desktop, click manage. Then it will go into the computer manager - from there go into Disk Management, choose the drive - format it (if need be) then assign a drive letter and you should be good to go.
  2. Thanks G-Unit, i'll relay that to my friend to try out and see what he says.
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