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Radeon HD 5770 & 430W PSU

I'm in the process of helping a friend build a system and we're looking at putting a Radeon HD 5770 into it for some moderate gaming. ( I currently have a Thermaltake TR2 430W power supply from a previous build, ( and I want to see if that will provide enough power, since it would sure be nice to not have to buy a new PSU if possible.

My main concern is the amperage that the PSU puts out. The two 12V rails put out 14A and 15A respectively. Is that enough to power the card specified above?

Other specs of the build:
Phenom II x6 1090T
2 x 4GB DRR3
WD Caviar Blue 7,200 rpm HDD

Any advice is much appreciated. Sorry for asking a question you've all probably heard a million times. :whistle:
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  1. It's more than fine. A 5770 will run on fumes.
  2. Hm... I was just under the impression that because the 5770 draws roughly 207W under load, (,2446-15.html) which equates to 17.25A, one 12v rail on my PSU isn't capable of powering that. (Given that the 5770 only uses one PCIe connector.) Correct me if I've made a mistake somewhere. :??:
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    That's 207w for the entire system. According to the article the HD 5770 draws 108w under peak load. Under normal load conditions it should draw about 61w.

    I generally go with power consumption as measured by Xbitlabs since they have been doing this sort of power consumption benchmarking for a long time.

  4. ^ Thanks for the clarification. That chart did have me a bit confused since it's rated at a 108w TDP and 207w seemed awfully high.

    I'll keep that site in mind too. Always useful to have more sources to compare.
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