Multiple Issues with $500 Gaming Rig (From: Builder Marathon)

I recently built a computer very similar to the September $500 gaming rig from the builders marathon. The only difference is case, PSU, dvd-drive (Basic IDE) and HDD (Older SATA WDD Raptor). I thought I would be safe getting this PC, but I am having the following issues:

1. Computer will not sleep/hibernate. Running Windows 7 Ultimate with All drivers are up to date. I have gone through the adv. power options in windows and clicked everything to "allow computer to sleep". When I attempt to put the computer to sleep/hibernate, the monitor goes into standby and the computer continues to run (all fans running). Nothing happens when I try to wake it.

2a. When I shut down or restart I run into some issues. When trying to boot, It will start up (with CPU fan running at 100%) but no display on the monitor (no signal). There are no post-beeps or anything. I can only get it to correctly boot after I switch off the PSU for about 5 seconds and switch it back on. Then often I will run into another problem when trying to boot into windows...

2b. Often when attempting to boot into windows, it just flashes a "_" in the screen. After a restart, Windows gives an error says something like 'Was unable to boot from recovery, continue booting?'. I can get the exact message if needed.

3. [Minor Issue] My CPU fan runs at 100% no mater what unless I am running ASRocks OCTuner software. When I contacted them, they said Win7 does not support controlling the CPU fan and that the software is the only solution. Is there anything else I can do?

Are these issues my fault, or the systems fault? Are these things that I can fix myself or will I have to get a RMA? Thank you very much in advance.
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  1. Sounds like your motherboard may be a bit dodgy, the answer to question 3 especially is a bit stupid, that's a plain lie from ASRock by the sounds of it. To control your CPU fan you normally just go to the BIOS.

    Did you use a clean reformat of windows?
  2. Yes a clean reformat, forgot to metion its Windows 7 Ult 64bit, if it makes a difference. Will the CPU fan speed change based on temp if controlled through the mobo? Do most of these issues sound like they are because of the mobo? ASRock also blamed me not having updated video drivers for the issues with sleeping and it wasn't their mobo. I have re-installed the drivers just to be sure.
  3. Yeah issues with sleep/hibernate, POSTing and fan speeds all sound like mobo issues to me.

    Also it depends on the motherboard but I have an ASRock board and it changes fan speed based on temperature. It gives you a target fan speed from 1-9 so say for example you set it to 4 it will always run at 4 unless it gets hot in which case it will speed up.

    EDIT *You give it a target fan speed
  4. 1. Sounds like your Suspend BIOS setting is set to S1 sleep status not S3. Check that setting. Normally S3 is the default setting.

    2a. Sounds like your build has a hardware level incompatibility, I would start with a BIOS update if you havent already. It sounds like your CPU is not properly supported by your BIOS and needs a microcode update.

    2b. Sounds like an overclocking issue or see issue answer to 2a. Make sure you arent overclocking right now. There is nothing like trying to chase 2 or more issues at once. Return your setup to as close to stock settings as should be. If unsure, please post your settings to be confirmed.

    3. This can be related to 2A suggestion, or your BIOS settings are not configured properly. Please post your settings if you are unsure. Also, you might not have mounted the CPU properly and it may be having a very poor contact patch and is overheating.

    Just from what I can guess, but feel free to provide as much information as you can.
  5. I am not OCing, the system is how I bought it and as stock as possible. Seems everyone is pointing its the mobo, so I will attempt these fixes posted. If these fixes do not work - should I just return the board and get a different one or just get this one replaced with the same one? I am still within the thirty days and not on a super tight budget that I could get a slightly higher priced board.
  6. If your budget allows for it, I would suggest maybe changing up. Assuming you are prepared to install Windows again, which I assume you are, just saying you should of course. You can possibly kill two possible birds, since it may be even a working motherboard that is causing this issue(s).

    Let us know how it works out.
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