GIGABYTE PCIE video card hardware not detected


I recently bought a GIGABYTE GV-N84STC-512I Rev2.0:

I've tried to install it in my machine which has onboard ATI graphics. Here's my mobo specification:

Unfortunately, I can't seem to get the mobo to detect the card in favor of the onboard graphics. When I boot into Windows or Linux, Windows does not detect the hardware, and running lspci on Linux does not show the card.

I've changed the settings in the BIOS so that PCI-E should be chosen as the primary video card:

I've also tried the card in another desktop machine (unfortunately, I don't have the specifications on me for that one at this moment), and the results were the same - it did not detect the card.

Is it likely I have a dead card, or am I missing something obvious?

I'd appreciate any guidance anyone can offer.
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  1. The board you have is really old. At the linked HP site, it specifies PCI-Ex1 written on the mobo when defining the slots. While the video card is fairly old also, your mobo may not support PCI express 2.0 x16 slots. I have some boards that are newer than yours that dont work either.
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