Is this computer worth it?

I have no idea if i am posting this in the right section, but I am so lost and all this computer stuff is making my head spin!
As far as I am aware, HP is discontinuing their laptops, right??? My school is offering a promotion to get this laptop... and a few others, but this one is the cheapest.

HP Pavilion DM4-2055CA
Specs here =

For $550 Canadian, with regular price being $799
and if I get it right away, I get a free xbox 360, which I don't need, so I would probably sell.

I am a mac user, so my mac will still be my main computer which I do my homework, internet stuff. But I kind of want a PC to play games that my mac can't run, and that aren't PS3 games.

So is this a good deal? Or do you think I could get a better laptop for a better price?

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  1. The graphics is an intergrated chip which means playing games would be better with a dicrete graphics card and the screen is 14". This is not a very good gaming laptop. If you look around maybe you can find a 15" or 15.5" screen with a seperate graphics card. It's too bad because the rest of the components aren't bad.
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