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I hope I am not trying to sound like a conspiracy theorist but:

I the days of cyber-attacks, Is there a possibility that the whole invisible infrastructure of the Internet could be destroyed, collapse, or implode to protect the International security of the world?
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  1. The internet was originally promoted in the Cold War by the US military as a fallback in case other communications failed in the event of attack. What are the odds they still have a big red OFF switch for it.
  2. IDK...maybe JFK had one in the OO. I wounder of ol' Obama has it there still?
  3. So let us say:

    China get a hold of ALL Internet control and decides to shut it down across the globe. Could they use it to control and manipulate countries into sub-serving it to give back the countries infrastructure. how could one stop this form happening by any means form any country?
  4. ^ I am not saying blocking them, rather than initially encrypting everything and gaining administrative access across a global scale. This is theory as well.
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