How do i hook up my xbox to the internet if i am using a cricket modem

I have a laptop and an xbox I have done everything the vides on the internet have told me to do to hook up to xbox live I have hooked an ethernet cable to my laptop and to the xbox and did the whole network sharing thing but when I test the connection on the xbox it says there is a problem with the connection
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  1. Should I assume your laptop's wireless adapter is connected to your wireless router?

    If so, then you don't need to "share" (as in ICS) that wireless network connection w/ the wired network connection. You just need to bridge the two network connections.

    From any command prompt, type "ncpa.cpl" (no quotes) and hit enter. When the Network Connections dialog appears, select both network connections, then right-click and select Bridge Connections. You're done.
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