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I just built a system asus F1A75V-Pro MB and AMD A8-3850
installed Asus HD6670... I want to hook up 4 monitors.. three to the HD6670 and one to Integated Grapics on MB.. Is this possible?
Thanks Bill
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  1. Should be fine, just turn off X-Fire in the Catalyst Control Center.
  2. All i can find is "AMD Vision Engine Control Center... I don't have a Catalyst Control Center also You said turn OFF crossfire... I would have thought it needed to be on.
    but I can't find it anyway.. do I need to go to ati and download Catalyst Control Ctr?
    The video card is Asus HD6670.
  3. Forgot, they changed the name of it (CCC was just so much easier to say). If crossfire is unchecked, then you should be fine. You just need to enable the system to view that last monitor.
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