Need Help Computer will not beep or boot or show display

i was looking at some thing on Bios on a GA-965P-DS3P (rev. 3.3) and changed somethings to do with graphics and CPU M.I.T stuff then saved and the computer then turned off and keep restarting and now it will not beep boot or display anything.

Motherboard: GA-965P-DS3P (rev. 3.3)
RAM: 4gb
Processor: Unknown
G card: Power-color Radeon HD 6770
PSU: Sevensteam P-CG SOS Model:ST-505P-CG(P) 500W
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  1. Reset the BIOS to defaults by pulling out the motherboard battery for a minute or two!
  2. Is that the CMOS battery
  3. Left it out for 5 mins and computer still will not work
  4. Just there spining the cpu fan and Gcard fan and HDD is on
  5. Then we can pretty much rule out BIOS settings and you probably have some hardware problem.
  6. is there anyway of telling what hardware it could be
  7. Here is our troubleshooting guide
    There is a link to bread boarding in there that can help identifying problem parts.
    Before you start tearing things apart try resetting BIOS again this time unplugging the PSU from the wall either using the onboard jumper or the battery again. I have heard of BIOS not resetting if PSU connected although it is rare!
  8. TY for the help
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