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What memory should I buy in an ivy bridge system?

Hi guys, I'm building a gaming rig with a 3770K and Sabertooth Z77 Motherboard. I have been wondering which memory would be ideal, I hear that there isn't much benefit past 1600MHz? If I overclock my CPU is that going to increase the benefit of faster RAM?

I'm buying everything from this site:

Oh and it says on the site that the G skill Ripjaws X is only for Sandy bridge, is that right? I think it is sweet looking memory is all.
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  1. nope. I'm using G skill Ripjaw x in my ivy bridge computer right now.

    It doesn't matter which memory that you use. But you really won't see much of a performance improvement past 1600 mhz... (unless you really want to pay that much extra (in the U.S. it's like $100 extra for 2166mhz ram vs 1600mhz ram...) on ram for maybe 0-2% performance improvement)
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    Whether or not anything faster than 1600 makes any difference for you depends on what you use your system for.

    In most every day uses and gaming, there's almost literally no difference, but if you do a lot of memory intensive work, use a RAM disk, or you're using the iGPU of the 3770K instead of a dedicated GPU, there's a moderate difference, but you would need to go up to at least 2133 to see it. Really, 2400 and above is where it starts to make enough of a difference to be meaningful, though.

    And no, overclocking doesn't change anything.

    As far as the Ripjaws X only being compatible with Sandy Bridge, that's pure and total BS. It'll work just fine with an Ivy CPU.
  3. Thanks guys, it is good to have that cleared up. I don't suppose there is any difference in getting a (2x8) set or a (4x4)?
  4. I generally lean towards less modules (2x8, in this case) when possible. Some motherboards are slightly less tolerant of which 8GB modules will work, but most should be ok.
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