New build: how to test temperatures idle/load?


I recently built a gaming pc, but I'm looking for ways to test it.
What programs do I use to test the graphics card, CPU, SSD etc, to check if they work properly?

Also, I bought 4 extra/replacing case fans.
What program can I use to monitor temperatures + let the CPU and GPU work under load. So I can compare the temperatures when I put in fans in different configurations?

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  1. I got coretemp and catalyst control center to monitor my temperatures.

    But how do I create an environement where I can compare different fan setups?

    Like a program that puts my CPU and GPU under full load for some time?
  2. Buy 3dmark11 at

    For CPU loading there's Prime95 and LinX for free.
  3. There's also Furmark for GPU testing which is free.
  4. Hey, this is my setup:
    - HD 6950 Dirt 3 edition
    - ASRock Extreme4 gen3
    - i5 2500k

    And these are my results:

    Furmark test 1 result:
    SCORE:1897 points (31 FPS, 60000 ms)
    Max GPU Temp: 63°C
    Resolution: 1920x1080 (FS) - AA:0 samples
    FPS: min:32, max:33, avg:31 - OPTIONS: DynBkg
    AMD Radeon HD 6950 Series (1002-6719, 1 GPU)
    Catalyst 11.9 - 8.892-110914m-125030C-ATI (9-8-2011)
    core:800MHz, mem:1250MHz
    Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2500K CPU @ 3.30GHz
    CPU speed: 3292 MHz
    System Memory: 8100 MB
    Windows 7 64-bit build 7601 [Service Pack 1]

    Furmark test 2 (custom):
    8X MSAA
    8 fps@ 60°C

    3DMark11 Score:

    Graphics score: 3150
    Physics score: 6198
    Combined: 1737
    GT1: 6.97
    GT2: 7.34
    GT3: 6.52
    GT4: 4.03
    PT: 19.68
    CT: 8.08

    Those scores seem terrible to me?
    In the 3Dmark test, with the submarines I get like 8 fps max.
    (I did choose the advanced test at extreme level)
  5. anyone?
  6. Have a look at the GFX charts on this site. I think they run tests at VGA resolutions.
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