Is this build okay for Minecraft?

I'm currently building a computer for my office. Just for school work and occasionally Minecraft, Anyways,I wanted to know if the computer specs (will list below) will run Minecraft and some light video editing good.
-4GB of Crucial RAM
-AMD Athlon II X3 445 3.1ghz Triple Core
-MSI P31/ Nvidia Geforce 7025
-350w Power Supply
-Radeon 5450 512mb
And I'll be running Ubuntu 11.10,if that helps in any sort.
Thanks in advance. :)
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  1. Anybody?
  2. Minecraft would probably run on a gameboy so I think you're fine.
  3. here's all spec of minecraft

    these are recomended specs:

    CPU 3GHz Dual core
    RAM 2GB
    GPU AMD 4000 or Nvida equivalent

    you computer should be fine and inexpensive for what you wanna do :sol:
  4. If you want fullscreen, and some antialiasing (very beneficial btw), better get a better GPU. An HD 6670 or 6750 perhaps.
  5. Minecraft doesn't support higher resolutions than its native nor does it have an AA feature, I don't believe. So, the 5450 should be fine.
  6. gmcizzle said:
    Minecraft would probably run on a gameboy so I think you're fine.

    Your listed as a home build system expert with advice like that? Minecraft is not optimized very well for graphics and any LOW END GPU can't handle it. Even a brand new netbook (yes, crappy 1.3Ghz netbook) can't run Minecraft. The gameboy hardware ran at 4.19 Mhz.. Your post is completely useless and makes people think that any modern computer can run it without an issues, which is EXTREMELY incorrect.
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