Dilemma about RIG

Hello, I'm about to purchase an FX8350 for my Asrock 990FX mobo, and I know the BIOS needs to be updated.

This is my 1st AMD build and would like to know what other workaround I can do to update the bios w/o having to purchase an old am3 cpu just to update the BIOS.
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  1. So you have the motherboard but no old Bulldozer CPU to go with it?
  2. I bought it since my local store had it on sale, I'm partly an idiot but it was an opportunity to get the thing for almost half of what it was. I do not and have not purchased the bulldozer CPU as I was thinking of switching over to AMD for my 2013 build. So yes. Say what you will , I cannot update the BIOS. me and my buddies are having a real laugh trip here seeing as it won't boot. LOL
  3. Alright based on other sources It is not possible. Os now. new question. What CPU can I put in the 990FX that's affordable and compatible?
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