Hp Pavillion dv6 1299ea freezing..possible overheating

Please help with an ongoing issue I have..I have noticed my screen freezes at approx 60degrees celsius and freezes on the current screen displayed..there is no blue screen and the screen will stay frozen until I power off. When i power off I cannot turn it back on again for approx 15mins as it just shuts down immediately.I have cleaned the fan and applied thermal paste..Problem still persists.

Any Help would be greatly appreciated

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  1. the dv 6 series suffered from overheating which caused the solder on the graphics chip to break down--there was a recall and extended warranty and class action lawsuit over this

    just google dv6000 problems or look in the hp forums and you will see what i mean--unfortunately its to late to claim under the class action law suit or extended warranty
  2. thanks mcnumpty23

    Would you have any ideas on how to fix this issue since I cannot benefit from the recall/
  3. if its the gpu fault some people bake the mother board in an oven or use a heat gun to reflow the solder then put a copper shim on to help heat transfer away from the chip

    these are pretty extreme measures and even if it works it may only last a few months--look on you tube for gpu reflow

    on ebay some people offer a reballing service--but i would only consider that if they are using professional equipment and give a guarantee of at least 6 months
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