[Memory] Total Memory shows only half of it since new heatsink

Hi, recently I've bought a Noctua NH-D14 for my i7-3770K on Asus P8Z77-V LK.
I have 16gb of DDR3 Mushkin g.skills Sniper @ 2133mhz but after I install the new cooler, On the BIOS and windows it's now just saying that I have 8 GB at 1600mhz .. And I noticed that the boot is a little longer than it was before.

Could I have burned out the two sticks which are touching a little bit a part of the heatsink?
or is there a frequent bug about that? :o
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  1. Double check CPU installation, make sure it is not installed too tight, make sure mounting points are not touching the motherboard.. those are common causes for missing capacity. Also, reseat the memory and make sure they are firmly inserted.

    The memory should work flawlessly with the XMP Profile, but then again you didn't purchase G.SKILL memory. :heink:

    Keep us posted on the result.

    Thank you
  2. Hello, thank you for your reply. Oops, seems I've put mushkin instead of "gskill" since I've got g.skill hehe. (my ssd drive is mushkin tho)
    Well, I've tryed to remount 2 or three time the board, I've checkep up the CPU, but the problem has still remained. Yesterday, I sent my whole computer to the computer store since I still had warantee on everything. I'n waiting for their call now, And I could see that they tryed things for 20mins in frot of me (most of tests I have made myself before and plus) and he didnt see the problem. There was a long time before the screen lights up on startup to start the POST and startup too...
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