Motherboard for i7-3770K

Well I am going to Micro Center tomorrow and get the i7-3770K and I figured that I might buy a motherboard as well.

What is a good motherboard for i7-3770K? As of now, I'm thinking of getting GTX 670 and SLI another GTX 670 in the future.

For motherboard, I like to keep the cost down if possible but I don't want to skimp on the features.

Currently, I am trying to choose between ASRock Extreme 4, ASRock Extreme6, and Asus Sabertooth. I know these 3 boards have different price range and honestly, I don't know what's the difference.

Anyway, which one is better in the long run? I plan to use the new pc for 5+ years. If there are better choices, please comment as well, thank you very much!
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  1. Extreme 4 is a good budget board but the Sabertooth is a good overclocking board so if you want the extra 0.1-0.2 GHz overclock that you get from the better boards get the Sabertooth.
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