LGA 2011 or LGA 1155

I'm new to building computers so, I want people's opinion on which is better in the long run. I hear LGA 2011 is for enthusiasts, but I want to buy a motherboard that will last me a long time. I'm afraid of buying an LGA 1155 type and it being obsolete soon(or in a few years). Any recommendations?
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  1. There's really not much point to LGA 2011 for an enthusiast. LGA 2011 is for people in situations where time means money (because of the 6 core i7's for video editing, 3D modeling, etc.).

    I know there are "enthusiasts" out there that have LGA 2011 systems, but it's more of a "hey, look at what I have" thing than anything else.

    Yes, LGA 1155 is already dead in the water, as far as upgrades go, but LGA 2011 might be, as well. There's no guarantee that IB-E will be on LGA 2011 (or that IB-E will even exist).

    My recommendation is to go with LGA 1155 (Ivy Bridge). It'll last just as long for a fraction of the price.
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