Bought new sticks (incompatible), old sticks no longer post

Hello everyone.

I recently bought a new set of G.Skill 8 Gb sticks (, and being the dunce that I am, failed to realize that they were not compatible with my Intel motherboard (

I slotted them in, and it didn't post. Surprise surprise. So I pop in my old ram( and prepare to write it off as a dumb mistake. Now it no longer posts at all. I'm worried that I might have damaged the DIMM slots with the incompatible sticks, but they have the same pin number, latency, voltage, etc. They're just not compatible(for some reason).

Are my DIMM slots fucked? And if not, what might I be doing wrong? I appreciate any and all help you could give me.

- Tom
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  1. Hi, Try firstly clearing the CMOS (unplug the power cord and remove the CMOS battery for few minutes). Then insert only one old RAM stick, power up and see if it does post. Check the power connections, to make sure it isn't a power issue.
  2. Did this. Post lights (red, green, yellow/orange) come on, fans and LEDs come on. Does not post. I only left the CMOS battery out for about ten or fifteen minutes, maybe I need to leave it out overnight(?). Also checked power connections. Still stumped.
  3. 5 minutes is more than enough. Hard to say what's wrong. Can you connect a case speaker to the motherboard?
  4. Clearing the CMOS by removing the battery should only take a few seconds once the 5VSB light has gone out. Leaving it out overnight or for 10+ minutes should not make any difference.

    Another thing to test is booting with no RAM installed. As long as the CPU itself is working, you should see the boot screen.
  5. I can and have, when the system tries to post there are no beeps.
  6. Try starting with only CPU and CPU fan installed. You should get the error beeps, signaling that RAMs are missing.
  7. *Why do you feel the RAM is NOT compatible? Be aware that the LIST of compatible RAM is not a complete one.

    **Did you use the APPROVED slots when using two sticks that your manual recommends?

    Make sure your BIOS is up to date. New BIOS updates often contain profiles for RAM.

    1) use a SINGLE STICK of RAM ( see your motherboard manual for which slot to use)
    2) test with MEMTEST if possible

    - update BIOS
    - your new RAM should work fine (if it is detected, use the proper "XMP" profile or whatever its called)
    - use a single slot to test (See motherboard manual for which slot)
    - two sticks must be in the APPROVED slots (see motherboard manual)
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