Motherboard doesnt have usb 3 0

hello im building my first computer and i got an antec three hunred two with an asrock 970DE3. however on the case theres an usb 3.0 wire by HDA cable and i cant find anywhere to plug the usb 3.0 cable? Are they compatible? im completely new at this.
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  1. I looked at some pictures of the board and there is no USB 3.0 front panel connector. They have it on their more expensive boards and yours has USB 3.0, just on the back panel.
  2. Yes, your motherboard didn't have any internal USB 3.0 connector. You can however buy an adapter that'll convert the USB 3.0 into USB 2.0 connector.
  3. so what is recommended is that i buy an adapter?
  4. Another question is : is it completely necessary that I have to have it plug it before I try turning the computer on? Someone suggested I just leave it alone.
  5. Well, if you didn't want to use the USB front panel, you can unplug it. The computer will still POST.
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