AT&T Router to an Airlink.

I currently have an AT&T 6850G Wireless Router. Wireless network works perferctly. Lap can access the internet anywhere in my condo. I recently purchased an AirLink AR315W router/access point to connect my Playstation 2 in order to play online. The problem is I can connect to the Airlink when connected to the LAN but I connect to it through the WLAN. I have followed the instructions: turned off the DHCP enabled it as an access point and changed the ip address. I am now at a loss. Any suggestions.
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  1. Access Point is not going to allow you to get the Playstation online. Well unless you've managed to get a wireless adapter on the playstation somehow. You'd only need an AP if your original AP, the wireless router, didn't cover your entire condo, and only then by connecting it to the original router's LAN port. Wired to the router in other words. AP's plug into existing wired networks to enable wireless connetivity. What is sounds like your wanting is a wireless bridge. Typically Router/AP combo's do not have this functionality. Linksys WRT54G with hacked firmware does, Buffalo's router/AP has that function. Very few do. Look in your manual for wireless ethernet bridge mode, perhaps called client mode or workgroup bridge mode. AP does nothing for you in terms of connecting to another wireless router or AP.
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