New GPU may have shorted MOBO. Any suggestions?

Hello. I've recently built a new system. All was working well until last night when I installed a new GPU. The GPU is an MSI 570gtx. My psu only provided one 12v connector and I attempted to use it. When I realized that he system was not displaying, I pulled it and replaced it with my original HD6670. However now, the cpu fan has power, HDD has power but I do not see any display. I've read many threads and have tried many potential solutions. I guess my questions are, (1) what the heck did I do, (2) is it possible that I may have shorted the board with the GPU and (3) how do I fix this. Thanks in advance. Below are my specs and attempts:

Intel i7 2600K
gSkillz Jigsaw 32GB
PSU Coolmax cu-700b
GPu: HD6670 replaced with MSI 570gtx (this caused the issue)

RAM alternation
onboard video
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  1. Try clearing the CMOS (unplug the power cord and remove the CMOS battery for few minutes). Then with only onboard (remove the graphics card) and one RAM stick, see if it does start. Check again all cable connections.
  2. I tried clearing the cmos using both the battery and jumper method. Still the same issue.
  3. Then it might be a power supply issue. How do you connect the monitor?
  4. I though it was the PSU, so I bought another one on my way home today; and unfortunately no success. I've tried connecting the monitor via DVI and VGA. I know the cables work because my laptops connect to the monitor with no problem.
  5. Then all that remains is the board and the CPU. You can try testing them at a local shop or RMA-ing them both.
  6. I was afraid of that. I'm buying a new MOBO tomorrow and trying it out. Could it be possible that I may have shorted the motherboard when introducing the new GPU?
  7. Hard to say what happened. It shouldn't do any harm if correctly inserted. However, a faulty graphics card can damage the board or the CPU.
  8. I've fixed the issue. I guess the motherboard give out when I installed the GPU. I bought a new MOBO and it works well. Thanks for all of your replies.
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