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Zalman CNPS11x and Gigabyte x79-ud7

Ok, I got this cooler for a new build using the ga-x79-ud7 board. According to Zalman, I can contact them to get the mounting brackets for 2011 sockets. I have already sent three emails to them and haven't heard a word back. Is it possible that they are now shipping with the correct bracket and screws now? Or does anyone have good contact info for Zalman? I tried emailing both support and sales.
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    its possible but unlikely... it will be march or april b4 the brackets will be widely available. going on how fast they issued them for other sockets... they are quite on the ball but they do have to wait for there sellers to order new coolers in b4 they can issue them with the products.
  2. Wow, that was really painful NewEggs customer service is definately slacking. After 20 mins on the merry-go-round (this was 2 really bad experiences with them in less then two weeks) with them I went back to Zalmans website. I stumbled on a us number quite by accident. After more run arounds with them, they finally sent me the information on how to get the kit. Their number is 717-530-0700. It's on pacific time zone.

    thanks for the response HEXiT
  3. i thought you would have to contact zalman directly. good hunting...
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