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No post, no video, no bios or video with everythng unpluged from mobo

November 17, 2012 4:45:05 AM

I'm not getting any post or video at all. (Tried 2 different video cards). I have the gateway GM5632E Desk top PC and It started giving me 3 beeps at power up & I seen this was a ram code so I took one stick out & didn't get any beeps or any video. I pulled that stick out & with the other stick i get the 3 beeps again but still no video. The diagnostic says 3 beeps is a ram problem but I have no video & the 2 sticks of ram prob didn't go bad at same time & 1 stick makes pc beep 3 times & other stick doesn't. I'm confused, is there a mobo or ps problem?. The pc has a MSI NX8800GT series Graphics card in it. (The other card I tried was a geforce 8800gt) One stick of ram is 2gb, the other is 1 gb. Sound blaster sound card. Pc has win 7, Stock cpu at stock speeds, stock hd, & stock power supply. This is my only pc so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

I also get no bios, no lights on keyboard, no post or video with everything unplugged from mobo (even fans)except video card. With everything unplugged & ram out I get the ram 3 beeps but still no video or way into bios. I took out cmos batt. for a while but not sure how long I should leave it out. I have not tried the cmos reset with jumpers yet, should I? I also slapped in a different power supply, it was only a 300 watt but it still would have at least posted if that was the problem correct? I also tried holding in power button for 60 seconds & then restarting it. I was told since I have a dual channel memory board that I need at least 2 good sticks of ram for it to work, is this correct? Is it poss I need new cmos battery? It is 6-7 years old.