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Decent Graphics card to crossfire with A8-3850 CPU

Hi everyone,

I've read a lot of reviews online and there's way too many cards out there for me to choose they all sound appealing.... Radeon 5670, 5770, 6670, 6770, 6850...Would these all be compatible with my cpu? Games I plan on running are Diablo 3, BF 3...I'm not a graphics guy so it doesn't have to be played on the HIGHEST settings, I just want someone playable that will last long with good-great graphics. Which out of these cards would you HIGHLY recommend to me...Budget not really an issue

My current specs are:
-a8-3850 llano cpu
-4 gb gskill 1333mhz ram
-f1a75-m pro mobo
-1980x1080 resolution
-600w corsair psu
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  1. They will all work with your PC, even nVidia cards.

    Which card is right for you depends on how much you are willing to spend and what your expectations are. In terms of performance:

    5670 < 6670 < 5770 = 6770 < 6850

    The HD 5670 / HD 6670 are the minimum you want to go with on a 1920x1080 resolution monitor, the HD 6670 is roughly 10% faster.

    The HD 6850 is a good card that is not very expensive; it can be purchased for as low as $140 after rebate and will allow you to most current games in high quality. If you can live with medium quality graphics in future games, then it should last you for 3 years.

    Here's an XFX HD 6850 with a free Deus Ex game coupon for $140 after rebate:
  2. Awesome, yeah I think the 6850 is what i'm gonna go for it's only a price difference of about $20 with the 6770 plus you get free shipping on it anyway. I did hear something though that this APU can ONLY be crossfired with the 6670 MAX. Is this true? For example, for the 6850, would I have to get two to crossfire it or can I crossfire with my APU?
  3. From what i have read you are correct the 6670 is the highest card that you can crossfire with; which when you crossfire is the 6690D2. If you add anything higher than the 66XX series, it will disable the on board and use the added GPU.
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    Yeah, I must have forgotten that you wanted to Crossfire a video card with your A8-3850 when I read your post.

    Crossfire will only work with at most a Radeon HD 5670 or HD 6670. Any Radeon card faster than one of those two will automatically disable Crossfire.
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