Drivers not installing properly from the disk

So I tried installing the drivers from the disk but they keep on failings and telling me that it can,t locate the hot fix.ini file.or saying that the cd/DVD rom may not be ready yet or saying "stream read error". The drivers are intel chipset, intel LAN driver and intel USB 3.0, my mother board is the asus z77 sabertooth.
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  1. Is it better/actually works than the cd?
  2. Just download and test. Is only the Intel chipset driver that gives the error?
  3. It's also the LAN driver and USB 3.0 driver both are intel, this is restricting me from using the Internet on that computer.
  4. Try the latest version on the ASUS site. There's a hotfix.exe in the package.
  5. Okay then I will try that and get back if it worked or not.
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