Seeking small upgrade on system

Hi everyone,

Looking to upgrade my system at the moment since BF3 coming out next week.

My system isn't the greatest so I'd like to just get a decent performance boost.

My current setup is:
-AMD A8-3850 CPU overclocked to 3.2GHz
-G.SKILL 2x2GB 1333MHz
-CM TX3 CPU cooler
-ANTEC 300

I ran BF3 Beta 35 FPS outside on 1366x768 resolution, about 55fps inside.

If I upgraded to an overclocked radeon 6850 card:


G.Skill Sniper 2x4GB 1600MHz:

Will I be looking at better fps rates at a higher resolution with these two items?
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  1. The 6850 will give the biggest improvement. I doubt BF3 will use more than 2-3GB of RAM.
  2. Thank you for that suggestion for the ram. Any other details about the GPU anyone can input?
  3. I would say get the RAM as well I like to keep gaming PCs at 6-8GB RAM but thats personal preference. Besides that what you have already stated would work good. I'm not too good with PSU figures but I would double check to make sure yours will still be able to work after adding the new parts
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