Can someone help me choose a good psu and Graphics card?

I want to be able to play games like world of warcraft on ultra.

I have this:

I seen stuff like these but idk if i can use them or if it will fit in the box.. no idea


Graphics Card:

And if this post shows twice i'm sorry.. new here
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  1. For $45, this 430W Antec Earthwatts wll handle either of those GPUs:
  2. Are you sure because i just looked at the watt needed for the 2nd one is 500W, on the Sapphire website
  3. Get the 6850.It's well worth it.

    As you have see here a system with a 6850 doesn't even break 300 watts.Go with the Antec PSU jtt283.
  4. Ty :) one question.. does it matter if i get the 500W? because i bought it just now before reading ur review.. it was all about 250$ which is fine. the thing i'm worried about it will it fit in the case
  5. Actually the person with that OCZ PSU you bought has a Micro-ATX case same as you.

    It will be a tight fit but it will fit.

    And the GTS450 he has is about the same size as the 6850.
  6. thanks alot :) this is a good site.. fast replys
  7. Welcome.

    Anything else you need help with?

    What resolution is your monitor?
  8. Ok then.With a 6850 and that resolution you should be able to play on Ultra settings.
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