I built the high-end Intel system now what?

So chaps, first post sorry if im a bit gammy.
Basically i built the highend Intel system described here:

and It is humming along quite nicely.

Does anyone have any ideas on what i should try with this system next?
I have seen alot of 3d Stuff going around should i give that a go?
What would you do in my position?
I love gaming and mucking around in PS or playing with Audio programs.

Thanks heaps

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  1. Congrats on the pc. If I were you I'd game and just ness around. I play 3d on my vizio 42"1080p LCD which came with 4 pairs of glasses for under $700. Cod looks really cool in 3d
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    do some of your own benchmarks, thats always fun ;)
  3. thanks for the ideas, Ill fool around with benchmarks and what not. 3d does sound interesting as well.
    Any ideas for upgrades in the future? I was thinking maybe 2 ssd in raid?
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