I have a gigabyte ga m55plus sg3 rev 1 motherboard and have just bought an ocz SSD. My BIOS does not have the ahci option so my questions are:

1 Does switching RAID on (and which setting for single SSD?) give me improved SSD performance speed wise (I have read switching RAID on gives some AHCI functionality)?

2 Will a PCI sata card improve things (i have no PCIE lots spare

3 OCZ toolbox does not see the ssd - how is this remedied or does it need ahci (or RAID) enabled.

Thanks in advance

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  1. RAID is for using multiple disks as one, your referring to AHCI (Advanced Host Controller Interface). Your motherboard has IDE cable slots in it, and so when it is using IDE devices, all drives are now in IDE mode, thus limited to 150Mbps speed. If you are using only SATA devices, then switching to AHCI in your BIOS will give you full SATA II speeds (300mpbs) double the speed. The only thing is you need to make some changes in windows before you switch the settings or else you cannot boot. There are a lot of instructions online, google switching from IDE to AHCI in windows and there should e a number of tutorials to help you.
  2. Thanks for the info. My main concern is there is no option for AHCI in my latest BIOS. Will the changes in windows do the job or am I snookered?
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