My computer wont start

my computer wont start i dont know what happend but when i press power on itstarts then a blue screen comes up with usless information saying it needs to sutdown
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  1. Try resetting the bios; remove the board battery for one minute (round button battery) and reinstall with the power supply unplugged. When it restarts, press "del" or the "f" key displayed on the post screen to enter the bios. Then change the boot order to dvd>hardrive, set the smart fan settings and calibrate if needed, save and exit. If you were overclocking the cpu or video card, it can fail for any number of reasons without warning. Good luck.
  2. The information on the bluescreen is not useless, it is exactly what we need to help you! 'You can even uese the error code to google the problem yourself.
  3. the blue screen showed most of time because of ram error , or remove one ram or add a new ram or upgrade for example from 512 to 1024 after windows setup.
    you can setup windows again and it will fix it.
    if blue screen showed up again ....
    you can go to setup page by hitting Delete or F2 ( depend of main board you are using ) then hit enter after selecting load safe default menu and save and exit.
    if the pc wont start again , remove your device,s ( cdrom and other device,s in pci slot,s ) then try to start pc again.
    if this happened after installing a program try to boot with safe mode by pressing F8 button after resetting the pc and uninstalling the last program installed in your pc.
    i hope it work.
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