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Monitor displays blank screen and sometimes Check Signal Cable error

I have connected the Samsung LED monitor SA300 (21.5 inch) with the external TV card. But it shows blank display with "Check signal cable". What can I do now. I have perfectly installed the VGA cable between the Monitor and the TV card. please help me.
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  1. I'm not too familiar with external tv cards. But I had "Check signal cable" on my screen with my computer while back. Everyone suggested re-seating things, downloading drivers etc. Nothing worked, I bought a new card and man... I got 99 problems but a GPU aint one.
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    Not sure how you have things set up, but it should go from the video source (antenna, cable box, wall plug) --> external TV Card --> Computer's USB port(?) and then graphics card output --> LED Monitor.

    What external TV Card do you have?

    -Wolf sends
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