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Underclocking and Undervolting ?

Hi Guys

Would a I3 2100 or I3 2100T can be underclocked and undervolted ? I know they have their multiplier locked out, but just asking if it could go down ( even if it is not a K edition ), instead of up. And undervolted too. This will go in a H61 Mini-tx for a home server in witch CPU is performance is more or less irrelevant.

I just don't go Atom because of flaky support for 64 Bits, no Virtualization support and memory limitations ( i'll need 16 Gb !) .

I would go AMD ( x4 955 BE), in wich i know i can put it to work at a very low voltage and about 1Ghz, but mini-tx AM3 boards are in short supply, low quality and overall too expensive.

BTW, the computer case is a NOX Blaze X2, so it must be mini-itx, it goes to the top part :) Cooling isn't a problem it will have 140mm ( one below and one above ) so i should keep it passive.

Thanks for the input in advance !!
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  1. then why dont you just get a g440/g530 ?
  2. Even if it can't underclock, you can force speedstep clock speed which I believe is the same as the i5 @ 1.6ghz. But this really doesn't make sense. Either buy used or lower tier and save money.
  3. i3 2100T is already a 35W TDP CPU. The thing is this will be On 24/7/365. Isn't much a question of money ( initial investment ) because it will be rather expensive with 16GB RAM and all the stuff ill put on it. 1.6 Ghz is already nice. I see that are mini-itx H67 boards. This will probably run VSphere or ESX witha buttload of VMs above. In this case, low CPU and HDD demand and high RAM usage.

    Just asking if you can use the multiplier to downclock a locked CPU. In my case i would go as low as 800Mhz to 1Ghz, would be enough.
  4. Well I've never really heard anyone do this. It's already low power, undervolting/clocking is hardly any difference. With low power means low heat and operating costs is also low with low power/heat. So initial cost is really all their is. I'm just trying to figure out the reasoning but I'll see if I can underclock my i5 lower than speedstep. I know it's unlocked but if it can't then the i3 surely can't.
  5. The logic k1114, is really low power consumption. I'm European and here electricity can be expensive. This will run 24/7/365. It will run a hypervisor and most of the VMs will be idling 95% of the time. All the parts need to be low power I'm a professional that needs a home lab, always on. Always.

    Gaming below with a 750 watts PSU and all work above with a really low power PC.

    Thanks for the tests you are going to do in your I5, it should apply to I3 too.
  6. 17W ULV Sandy Bridge SKUs do exist. It may be worth looking into these, but I'm unsure how realistic of an option this is.

    EDIT: Due to the fact that they are meant for mobile boards and I'm almost certain there is limited availability.
  7. Thanks for the info blandge, but laptop SB comes really limited on Virtualization. Tried that, but getting a board and a CPU is really hard in a mini-itx format. They dont support 16 GB of Ram if im not mistaken. I've check that possibility but, it really hard to find one.
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    I am unable to set multi below speedstep. It automatically goes to 16 multi if I try to set it lower.
  9. Thanks, 1.6Ghz is already rather low, ill have to undervoltage at that point. it is almost cutted by half , so that should give significative savings. Thanks mate !
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