OC booting problem

Hi everyone,

first of all my setup is;

Asus maximus IV gene-z
i5 3.4mhz
asus gtx560ti
kingston 8gb 1333mhz
coolermaster v8

now my problem is, I used this Asus Turbo V auto overclock thing. then when it restarted my windows, I had a blue screen.

Then I looked it up on the internet and found a solution which was, disabling one of the things below that I dont remember,

Turbo Mode
Performance Enhance

after disabling one of these, had my windows up and running.

after some time I entered bios and clicked "Load Optimized Defaults" then saved it and exited. but now I dont even get a blue screen. it keeps restarting and I can only enter bios.

I cant explain how I feel about asus turbo v. wish I could listened one of you guys about not to use turbo v T_T

I'd be glad to hear an explanation and how to fix this thing.

thank you.
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  1. Tehn enter bios and load standard defaults instead of optimized. If that doesn't help, reset the cmos.
  2. Press the "del" key to enter the bios. Look for the "achi" setting in the sata section, change it to achi, change the boot order to dvd>hardrive, change the smartfan settings and calibrate if needed, save and exit.
  3. thanks for the reply, how do I do that? there is no standart option
  4. thanks for the reply, did not work. any other suggestions?
  5. Remove the motherboard battery (round button type) with the power supply unplugged. Then reinstall, reboot, and follow my earlier instructions (use "f" key if displayed at the post screen to enter the bios).
  6. did not work either, could it be something with OC configuration that turbo V did? I can configurate it back perhaps but only if I knew how to.

    I see the windows logo then instant blue screen and restarts. then something like
    Repair OS
    Start Windows options pop up then restarts again.

    can formatting be the solution for this? if it is about the config then it won't help though.
  7. Then while rebooting use the f6 key to enter windows in safe mode. Start>computer>system properties>system protection>system restore. Use system restore to use an earlier installation point.
  8. can't start with safe mode either, instant blue screen and restart
  9. I don't know how but I managed to start it by enabling and disabling things in BIOS. So I don't really know what is up.

    although it did not help,thank you for your help o1die, I really appreciate your answers.
  10. and by the way, I enabled things below

    Performance Enhance
    Xtreme Tweaking
    Enhanced Intel SpeedStep Tech
    Limit CPUID Maximum

    I think I only disabled Turbo Mode
  11. Then I would repair the operating system with a format. If windows still won't finish the installation process, then set the bios to the default settings and install with one stick of ram only. When it finishes installing, check the other ram sticks with memtest in case one of them failed. Do this one stick at a time in the slot closest to the cpu. In fact, if you want to try it, use just one stick of ram at a time and see if windows will load. May save you alot of time doing a fresh install.
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