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No power light or beeps, just fans working.

My computer was working perfectly till today when it suddenly shutdown\restarted while i was playing Skyrim. Soon after the restart the power led was blinking. I decided to turn it off and restart it, but then even the power led wasn't responding. My cpu is the phenom II x4 950 BE normally clocked at 3.20Ghz but OC Genie kept it at 3.51Ghz. I tried resetting the bios by removing the battery and relocating the jumper, but still no luck. No light on the keyboard, no beeps, just psu and cpu fans working.
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    when there are fans but no lights, i tend to lean toward the PSU, rest the system a while, disconnect memory, hard drive and video card to see if you can get the light to come on
  2. I agree with xaira. What does the rest of your setup consist of? What is your GPU and your current PSU? How long was your computer "working perfectly" before this happened?
  3. Rest of the system specs are as follows :
    Motherboard : MSI 760GM
    GFX : ATI RADEON 5770
    Running windows 7 professional 64 bit.
    Generic 450W PSU.
  4. Your PSU is most likely the culprit here, if your going to have all quality parts and O.C. your system having a good PSU is a must!! Here is a good option: for around $50.
  5. Thank you, changing the PSU did fix the problem. Although i went for a temporary 500W one till i can find a better one like the one shown above.
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