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I am trying to setup 3 monitor for my desktop computer. One of my monitors is connected with DVI and I am purchasing two that both use VGA. My motherboard has a HDMI, DVI, and VGA on board but what is the cheapest way to add the three monitors I need 1 DVI and 2 VGA ports.

Thanks in Advance! :)
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  1. First question is what is your graphics card? Many cards that have 3 or more ports can't actually display on more than 2 screens at a time. If your card can actually use all 3 displays (doubtful) I would say use a DVI/VGA adapter on the DVI port for the 2nd VGA screen, and use an HDMI/DVI adapter for current screen running off DVI.
  2. The graphics card is integrated on the motherboard but it is and AMD Radeon HD 4200. It is part of the 785 chipset.
  3. Also can I use the integrated card for 2 monitors and buy a separate card to drive one monitor and use them together?
  4. You can indeed run 2 monitors off the HD4200 and you should be able to use it with a discrete card for another 2 monitors.
  5. How do I know which ones are "discrete". Sorry I have never been into gaming and don't mess with graphics cards much. Is discrete any card that I can plug into my motherboard?
  6. Yes, discrete just means a not built in dedicated graphics card.
  7. Thanks for helping me so far! Just one more question I promise! Will this one work?
  8. Yup, should work fine if you have a free PCI-E x16 slot (I would assume you do, I don't think they made any motherboards with HD4200 graphics that didn't have x16 slots.)
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