i was reading gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3R/GA-EP45-UD3 and i have found that its support fbs 1600 , that mean as i know
dual ddr2 800 mhz . so what is the need for ddr2 1066 and ddr2 1333

also the base clock is 400 ddr2 800 and memory 1066 (533 base clock ) and for 1333 ( 666 base clock )
so how to run the ram and the motherboard dosen't support the frequency !

so the cpu fbs will be the same base clock ?

or the memory will be faster than the cpu fbs ?
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  1. No. 800 is the correct speed in this case. Only a few boards support faster ram and the cpu must be overclocked for it to run at the faster speed. It's much cheaper to switch to a ddr3 775 board to run faster ram than buying 1066 ddr2. I would sell your board (it should bring a good price) and switch to 1155 if you're not happy with your ram performance. Only Intel has 4 slot ddr3 boards and those boards won't overclock well. I found my used 2120 cpu/heatsink/asus h61 board for $125 on craigslist and 8 gb of ddr3 is less than half the price of ddr2.
  2. aha
    so in that case when i run at 533 base clock = 2132 fbs and 666 base clock = 2664 fbs
    its a very high fbs !! can the processor handel that ?
  3. When I overclock the cpu, I let the motherboard select the ram speed. That's all I can tell you. I prefer stability and you sound like you can't afford to upgrade or replace faulty components. Don't get too greedy with your overclock. The frame rates aren't that much higher with extreme settings. And if your windows installation crashes, be prepared to do a fresh install.
  4. i am just asking for the possibility to run at 2664 fbs or 2132 fbs because from 1600 to 2100 is 500 mhz higher
    and to 2600 is 1ghz higher

    so what is highest fbs for 1600 fbs after over clock

    btw i have pentium 4 800 fbs :) i am going to buy new soon
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