I5 2500k low passmark score

Hi, I just upgraded to an i5 2500k, and when I did a passmark test for it, It was only 6700 although it should be in the 7000's even at stock speed which is what mine is at. Is this a problem? Or does this not matter :/
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  1. are you running the 32 bit or 64 bit version of the program?

    A few people had the same issue and posted on the passmark website, all were resolved by them using the 64 bit version.

  2. Also, there can always be other factors which can impair your results, with it being relatively close if the 64 bit version gives the same result I wouldn't really worry too much, bare in mind that it all comes down to which egg you got from the basket as to how well it will perform, especially with over clocking results.
  3. I had something similar with an i7 2600K, when I started benchmarking I was coming up short constantly.

    I had set my MoBo (Asus P8Z68-V_Pro) into power saving mode, and forgot about it, so the CPU was only actually running at the stepped speed of 1600Mhz, took it off power saving mode, and CPU went up to 3800Mhz and the benchmarks ran as expected.

    Entirely my fault of course, but something to look out for.
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