Card not recognized, new monitor, reverts to factory?

Hi guys, i've registered here with the sole purpose of asking this question. I run a dell dimension c521 slimline ( Yes lol etc. but it was free.) The factory graphics card that came with the pc is apparently a 6150. A while back, I bought and installed a Radeon HD 4650, so that i could run games like starcraft 2.

Well a couple months ago, my monitor burnt out, and i got a new one, an HP S2031. Starcraft 2 and many games began having horrible lag, and i couldn't figure out why. Well i feel dumb now, becaue apparently the 6150 is running again, and i have no idea why. The 4650 is still in my computer, but it's not being recognized, and while I am obviously familiar with how to operate a computer, I am not familiar with the process to make my good card become recognized and usable again. I don't understand why changing the monitor would have anything to do with this, in fact, i've tried 2 other monitors as well but my "upgraded" card just wont kick in. I should mention, this is a PCIE card, the only kind that can fit in my slimline.

Edit: There are 2 ports to plug in my video cable. One higher up on my computer which i assume plugs in to the "factory" card, and is the only way i can get visuals on my monitor. If i plug it into the lower port, the one where my 4650 is installed, i just get a black screen.

Thanks for any help guys, I really appreciate it.
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  1. Well, i went into the "F2" menu at startup and confirmed that the video card setting was on PCIE override. I tried disabling the 6150 AND uninstalled it's drivers, but it's still no use. I've also made sure to download the latest drivers for my good card.

    I only get visuals when i plug into the factory port and not the PCIE port :(
  2. Sounds like your 4650 has a problem, did you try removing and installing it again? Make sure it is seated correctly?
  3. I took it apart, blasted everything with air, and re inserted it, it definitly "pops" into place and is snug in its seating, to no avail. Does this indicate the card itself is no longer good? FWIW it was warm and the fan still runs...
  4. Last bump, just want to see if their are any other options before i junk this card
  5. It looks like a dead card to me. Does your onboard graphics (the 6150) still work even when the bios is set to pci-e override?

    If so that is definitely pointing to the card not being recognized by the system.
  6. yes, it does. I even have 2 monitors plugged in, one to the onboard, the other to the installed 4650, and nothing happens. Guess it was fun while it lasted, only worked for 6 months or so!
  7. RMA it and get a new one. ;)
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