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Nvidia gtx 460 error code 43

Okay, i installed dwa-131 usb nano wireless adaptor, i had problems. the computer was notvery responsive. Then a lot of horizontal lines appeared all over the screen. I went into device manager and the gtx 460 card had the error code 43 on it.It said it reported to windowsthat it had problems. I restarted the computer and everything was working fine. I bet it was a conflict with the drivers of the usb adaptor, But i am still concerned. It hasn't happened again yet though.

Is it possible that the graphic drivers conflicted with the wireless usb adaptor?
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  1. Strange indeed. I normally would say there are no relations between the two driver sets. But there could have been some hardware compatability issues. Something simple probably, but IMHO there is nothing to worry about now.
  2. They probably had the same port as wierd as it is and the PC wasn't able to assign the USB device a new one in time.Still it would be helpful to know what it is for future reference.Try going over to Microsoft and looking up what a Error Code 43 is.
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    Error code 43 isn't good. It is either the drivers or the drivers are unable to function due to an issue with the card.
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