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Can a 2.0 express graphics card work in a x16 slot?

Please help....
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  1. yes
  2. sorry i meant to write 2.0 x16 work in an x16 express slot.
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    Yeah, a 2.0 x16 card will work fine in a x16 express slot. You'll have a decrease in bandwidth if your slot is only PCIe 1.0, but it will still work.
  4. 2.1 is compatable with 2.0 and 1.0
    2.0 is compatable with 2.1 and 1.0
    1.0 works on 2.0 and 2.1

    Which means they all work with each other (I believe).

    x16 will work in x8, x4 and x1
    x8 will work in x4 and x1
    x4 will work in x1

    Not sure if the smaller ones work on the bigger ones...

    When you go from 2.0 to 1.0 you lose bandwidth and may bottleneck a video card. When going from x16 to x8 there is a small amount of decrease in bandwidth, only noticeable on really powerful video cards. When going any lower than that, you will bottleneck any mainstream or high end card (Though x4 isn't as noticeable). x1 is practicly useless for any modern video card (As far as using that card beyond normal usage, ie surfing the web).
  5. zerofloats said:
    Please help....

    yes it will work because of backward compatibility in PCI-E standards but you might want to take a little bit note on PCI-2.1 cards. cards with PCI-E 2.1 standards works fine with PCI-E 2.0 slot but often have problems with PCI-E 1.x. some of the problem are solved with BIOS update from the motherboard maker but older board with discontinued support are not. if you don't want unnecessary headache make sure your mobo have PCI-E 2.0 if you have cards with PCI-E 2.1 standards. (so far only radeon 5k and 6k series implementing PCI-E 2.1 standards to their cards. all nvidia cards up to the latest one still use PCI-E 2.0 as standards)
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