I got finger prints on my i5 2500k

K. So I went to go open my Intel i5 2500k because itwas freezing because the mail men left It outside. And I opened it and I touched it because I wanted to warm it up.I got finger prints on the green part and the metal.
It is brang new.
What cleaner should I use to clean the CPU? And where can i buy the cleaner? I live in Canada
What part should I clean the green part or the metal part? Or both?

I'm going to b putting a hyper 212 evo on it
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  1. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Lol Your alright. Use isopropyl alcohol to clean it off then just be careful putting it in. You just dont want any fingerprints on it when you put thermal paste and the Hyper on it. Youll be fine if you clean it before you put that on.

    Good luck!
  2. ^-- This. Plus you could use a good quality Q-TIP with the isopropyl alcohol to clean it. You don't need much - just enough to make the QTIP damp and not soaking.
  3. Wow some mail men......I guess he didnt know what the package was. Any ways as long as you get the moisture off of. if you just got some simple finger prints on the top part of the CPU, you'd be fine. I get some finger prints on my when change thermal paste or what such and doesn't harm or affect it. But leaving out in the cold not such a good idea for components
  4. why didnt you just bring it inside and wait until the package was at room temp?

    anyway, the alchohol and the cleaner etc is not necessary, finger prints will not cause a problem with the heatsink or the pins, i constantly touch the bottom of LGA cpus an they alwaus work fine after being installed, its just a precaution, since ntel chips have those little components under the cpus
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