MX300 -- Am I just screwed?

I have an MX300 which was a great sound card for me in the past. I liked it so much that I actually sold my SB Live for it. Everything was peachy until I upgraded and now sound is crap.

I have been to the vortex of sound forum and seen many of the troubles people have. I too suffered to at the hands of my MX300 and an a7v. Sound would shut off after three to four seconds. It sucked.

So I upgraded to the CUSL2 platform and now in Win2K my sound is choppy and interrupted when windows are minimized or when windows is starting. Any minimal processing causes the sound to tremble and break up. I have heard that the i815 chipset is so radically different that the card does not know what to do. (I am using win2k BTW) I have heard that it works fine in 98se and ME, but not in W2K.

So my question is, 'Am I screwed?' Do I have to go back to Creative Labs and give into the SB Live family of sound cards? Don't tell me to use win98 because it isn't a reality for me.


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  1. Unfortunately, Yes. Since Creative took over Aureal no new drivers have been developed by the A3D team. Get the SB Live Value. You can get it for around $50.00 and it will be compatible will all OS's... Sorry for the bad news.
  2. Yeh, it has too many issues under Win2k. And you probably don't want 98SE. So your screwed, but hey........

    Suicide is painless...........
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