Getting old games to work on windows 7

hi i have a game made for windows xp/vista. when i am installing it and trying to play it i get a measage saying something is missing so can you help me .
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  1. I would guess that would depend on what is missing? What does the error message say is missing and what game is it?
  2. Exactly, more info.

    Also make sure that you have all the MICROSOFT UPDATES done.
  3. Some Windows XP work well or even better on Windows 7.
    While this is true, it is not the same for some games, most times due to hardware drivers not recognize properly by a game.

    Thankfully there is: Virtual PC Console

    You can download it and then RUN and Install XP (or whatever other OS)
    inside this utility, Now you can run XP and install all games and programs that you want
    to run on true XP mode.

    HINT: I use this for Windows 98/95 games and no more sound or video issues with drivers on any of those games.
  4. right click on the icon and select properties/compatibility/ run this program..... etc. ..??
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