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I'm building a computer and I just got an antec three hundred two with an asrock 970DE3. However on the case there's an USB 3.0 wire by the HDa cable and I can't find anywhere to plug the USB 3.0 cable? Are they compatible? I'm completely new at this. Also I heard that if there isn't a place to plug my usb 3.0 cable then I should just leave it alone. Not sure if that's okay. And also my fans on the case are 3 pin and the motherboard is 4 pin. Should I but adapters for the 3.0 USB and the 3 pin fans?
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  1. The 3-pin fan connectors will work in the 4-pin plugs. The fourth pin is for speed control but that doesn't apply to most case fans.

    The motherboard you have does not support front panel USB3, you will only be able to use the 2 backpanel USB3 ports.

    You could get an add-on USB3 card if this is important to you.
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