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What psu will i need ?

Hi there im building a budget pc and im wondering what size psu it will need

it will have a GIGABYTE GA-G41MT-ES2L motherboard
either the E6550 or the E7200 processor
4 gig of ram
80 gig hard drive
ati radeon hd 5450
and some old dvd player
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    jakepf1 said:

    That would do the job.
    I understand you're on a budget but i generally don't recommend cases with the psu included.
    Antec combo's are better quality.
    Better deal.
  2. thank you for your help :)
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  4. jakepf1 said:
    thank you for your help :)

    Np i'm sure the Aywun combo will be fine for a low power budget build.
    I'm from Canada and Aywun is pretty much unknown here.
    The combo has a 2yr warranty which isn't terrible.
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