Computer boots but nothing works.

Hello so today my pc was overheating so I decided to clean some dust out of it I used a bit of tissue and just wiped the dust out gently I didn't hit anything hard or anything. When I got to turn my pc on you hear it boot up with the fans for 10 seconds shuts down then boots again but this time for longer but I have no idea what its doing because my display is not working at all and none of my usb's are working mouse isn't lighting up, the motherboard is lit up all the fans are working and you can open and close the disk tray any help or advice would be much appreciated.

sorry if I posted this in the wrong place not sure where to post it :D.

Thanks for reading.
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  1. Hi, Was it a dry tissue? Have you checked all connections? Try reinstalling all the components and cables.
  2. ye it was dry tissue and I have gone all over the cables and checked if everything is in properly I haven't tried to reinstall all the components not really sure how to. :(
  3. Remove all memory modules, the graphics card, HDDs cables, leave only CPU and CPU fan installed. It would be helpful to attach a case speaker at this point and check the error beeps.
    Then install one RAM stick, graphics card, DVD drive, keyboard, mouse and test.
  4. Ok im gonna give this ago will report back later.
  5. Ok with only the cpu and cpu fan installed the computer beeps for around 4-5 seconds then stops then beens again im pretty sure it will do this for ever if i was to leave it on.
  6. Now go further and install one RAM stick (with the power supply off). Test again the error beeps.
    Can you describe the pattern (1 long, 2 short or...)?
  7. ok with 1 ram stick in and the graphics card in i have managed to get on to the bios.
  8. Then probably one of the RAM sticks or the graphics card wasn't properly installed. Now insert the other RAM module (with the power supply off).
  9. ok done and its working should I now try the harddrive?
  10. Yes, connect the devices one by one and test.
  11. Ok I managed to get on to windows and everything seems to work but i get this message when i first boot up "CPU is unworkable or has been changed please recheck cpu soft menu"
  12. Try clearing the CMOS (unplug the power cord and remove the CMOS battery for few minutes).
  13. Thanks for all your help mate everything works fine so happy. :)
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