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Updraging Dell Optiplex 620 SFF to Dual Core+Heatsink

Hi everyone. I recently inherited the above system. I've made a few modest mods to get it up to snuff for a bedroom HTPC. I want to upgrade the processor to a dual core which goes for about $30. Through extensive web research I understand that I need a copper heatsink for the pentium d chip. It seems like the heatsink I need is the Y1851 copper heatsink(?) I just want to confirm if this is the one I need for the SFF. I see some vendors listing it for the USFF version and some for the SFF. Also, it seems no one sells it with the shroud/assembly. Can anyone help in this regard. I will prob end building at htpc from the ground up eventually but I wanted something to play with in the meantime. Thanks
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  1. Check here for the heatsink you are looking for:

    These guys are VERY good to work with and they generally have a great availability of Dell parts.
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    I believe the one I have on my system is: CC079. I think NP048 is the same without a shroud. Most places I looked seem to show Y1851 is for USFF only.
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  4. Thanks sysmg. That helps a lot.

    COLGEEK, I had called txcesssurplus and all they gave me was what they have on the description and no further help. Now I can order the d-chip from amazon and be in good shape. Thanks again guys. And I gotta add, even with my P4 processor and 2 gigs I am soo happy with the way my HTPC setup is running. It can only get better.
  5. Just to confirm, sysmg, this heatsink is appropriate for a dual core processor right?
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